Fall and Winter Essentials For Women

As fall and winter rapidly approach, I feel it’s very important to know what pieces will carry you through the cooler months. And while I’m sure many believe that a big sweater with a thick pair of socks will suffice, I’m here to tell you it will not. Unless, of course, it’s fashionable. Alas, here are my 5 fall and winter essential for my fab ladies!

The Coat

A coat is your defense, your armor. Just imagine, having to run out of your warm home into the Arctic. Obviously, you’re going to grab a coat…unless you’re one of those people. And thankfully, you are not! Therefore, find a coat. I prefer black or nude. But if you’re feeling playful, color works too. A fur coat, a peacoat, a simple tweed knit fabric Céline coat in light grey, I mean the options are endless.


The Handbag

Okay, so I know this doesn’t necessarily shield you from the cold, but it will shield my eyes from having to see a fashion disaster. And that’s always a good thing. Recently, many “look-a-like” bags have been popping up. Ladies, I do understand financial circumstances but ideally you wouldn’t want to be one of the “I carry a bag that looks blatantly designer, but is clearly a poorly done replica” people. Instead, you have two options: Invest in a statement bag, or find an original bag (regardless of price) that you love and can work with. Trust me, it’s way better than that Céline look-a-like you saw at Aldo.


The Shoe

Kittens are absolutely the cutest things. They make wonderful pets and they can help you through your day. Kitten heels, however, are a slightly different story. To my younger ladies, those kitten heeled boots are a definite no. You either go big, or walk out the store. Try a Chelsea boot. They have a standard…not embarrassing, heel, and they’re low to the ground so you still get that kitten heel effect. Even a black bootie will do. For my more daring fashionistas, try the thigh high this F/W season. And, while you’re in the process of swiping your credit card, pick up a pair of flats. No, I’m not contradicting myself. But I do realize that snow and ice in heels can be…interesting. So before you hurt yourself further, do flats. Trust me.





The Blazer

Okay, so yes. I am obsessed with a great coat/blazer. One of the things I love about fashion is the ability to add personal touches. Lately, we’ve seen women perfecting the “man’s look”, and F/W is no exception. Therefore, ladies, DO IT! Muted color, plaid, structured blazer, with a pair of tailored, wide legged trouser…ugh, it makes me smile. And, because I dream of Paris often, add a little Parisian flare. Throw the blazer over your shoulders; it’s ultra chic. Or, for those who aren’t as tailored, try an deconstructed boyfriend blazer. Got it? Good!



The Bottoms

One thing that I have become so accustomed to doing is pairing everything with black. Why? Because it’s black. It can make anything look chic, if done properly. Since F/W is bringing about more black (as usual), why not incorporate a great pair of black bottoms into your wardrobe. Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking that black denim will do. Those long, skinny jeans resting so tightly on your leg. But, why not mix it up a bit. Try a masculine approach. No, I’m not saying that because I’m a man. I’m saying it because it’s yet another way to look super chic and easy (if, again, done properly). Tailored, black trousers add a level of appeal without having to work too hard. Also, they can be paired with anything. Try a simple blouse, with a heel and blazer. Outfit? I think so.


So ladies, these are the essentials for the Fall and Winter seasons. Now, while I could go on and on about the “essentials”, remember to have fun. Staple items, such as a white blouse, a collared shirt, a statement necklace, are all items that can maximized with the closet essentials. Have fun this season. Be playful, be spontaneous, be unique, and most of all, be FAB! Until next time.

Yours in Style,

Chic Boy of Chic Boy Problems

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