Staying In Season: Are Your Emotions Out Of Style?

As fall arrives and the steamy summer weather slowly makes way for colorful leaves and cool breezes, what’s the first thing we change? Our wardrobes! We get excited for fall fashion, new beauty trends, and we don’t hesitate before changing out those sundresses for sweaters and ankle boots.

Photo cred: Retrieved 10/2/14
Photo cred: Retrieved 10/2/14

How great would life be if we could trade out our emotions the same way? So many of us are wearing LAST SEASON’S emotions on our sleeves and honey, please, they are so out of style.

Why is it so easy for us to say, “Goodbye strawberry lemonade, hello pumpkin spice latte!”, but when moving forward from an emotional upset we linger so much longer?

To begin answering this simple yet reflective question, our life experiences are what shape us and mold us into who we are. Everything we know, the way we react to heartache, even the way we judge others, is all based off of our past. So of course, these are not easy things to forget. We can’t forget all of them, and many of our experiences are for the sole purpose of us growing into better individuals.

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Through heartache, disappointments, and taking the wrong turns, we learn so much about ourselves. We must remember to take the lesson, and work through the emotions that come along with them.

Yes, pain is natural! But imagine if a child fell off of a bike, scraped her knee, and cried about it for months to come! Even more, imagine if this child were to cry every time they saw a bike, or were reminded of what her old bike used to look like? How absurd! Now, the child should learn that maybe next time, they should watch out for potholes and be more cautious, but we should not dwell on our pain any longer than it takes the scab to heal.

Emotional scars do often take longer to heal than physical ones, but we have to keep our feelings in fashion. A strong person is not one that feels no pain and never has a bad day. But a strong person is one who can prevent their bad day from turning into a bad WEEK, and knows how to stand up after being knocked down.

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Retrieved from:

Next time you are dwelling on past hurt, ask yourself, has the time limit on your pity party expired? To live our best life, we must always move forward, and that means staying up to date in our emotional fashion! Let’s not wear last season’s feelings on our sleeves and life will be much happier.

❤ Stay Pretty,

Kindra Bailey; CoFounder & COO

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