You Don’t Have to Hate Mondays

Monday. The MOST hated day of the week. That slap of reality after a nice and relaxing weekend. That reminder that the weekend doesn’t last forever and you must return to real life. But just think…if you were doing what you truly loved everyday, Monday would just be another day to you. In fact, Mondays would take on an entire new meaning. Instead of being that harsh reminder of another long work week, Mondays can easily become a refreshing reminder that you’ve been given another chance to conquer your goals and catch your dreams.

I, too, hated Mondays at one point. When I was a student in undergrad, Mondays were just another day filled with challenging and boring classes, exams, homework and stress. Mind you, I majored in something that I didn’t enjoy but I happened to be good at it which brings me to my next point…

Follow your passion! I can’t stress this enough. In one of my former blogs, I wrote about how I planned to become a neurosurgeon until God helped me realize my true purpose for being put on this earth. Since I’ve started to put my energy into PABPG and other things that I enjoy, Mondays have turned into awesome days for me. Why? Because I’m doing what I love and Mondays just becomes another day to perfect my craft and walk in my purpose. When you are doing what you were created to do, you’re never tired (okay, maybe a little), you have no problem staying up late and waking up early, and of course you MUST work hard but at the same time doors will open and things will happen effortlessly for you.

Often times people ask me and the rest of the PABPG team how are we able to do and accomplish the things we have thus far. The simplest answer we can give is “just try.” When you are in your lane and doing what you’re meant to do in life, the Creator and the universe knows and sees you. Things have already been set up on your favor without you even knowing it. And as you continue to walk the path that was created specifically for you, things will fall into place.


So moral of the story is you only hate Mondays because you’re not pursuing your dreams. It’s that simple. And I know this because I’ve been on both side of this equation. And I can tell you from experience that when you let go of all those fears and doubts and pursue your passion, you’ll begin to love Mondays too! As the popular saying goes, “Mold your career around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your career.”

Stay encouraged and may all your Mondays be purposeful in the future!

-Jess, Founder of The Peek-A-Boo PrettyGirl Foundation.


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