Heartaches and Heartbreaks

Hello pretty girls! School is back in session so it’s a new year and time to start fresh and work hard towards your goals. To achieve this you have to make sure you are rid of all negativity that can hold you back. If you are in middle school, high school, college, or graduated, positivity is essential to feeling well and reaching your goals. You may assume that this post is all about how to get over an ex-boyfriend but that’s not entirely true. This is post is to help get over anything that causes hurt, sadness, or stress in your life.


Pray and meditate
Prayer, meditation, and self reflection are key when trying to realign your thoughts and bring positivity to your life after heartaches. As mentioned a couple posts back, mediating and calming yourself is a good way to bring the world into perspective. Praying for peace and positivity is the first step to achieving balance and allowing positivity to settle into your life.

Whatever the situation a person is allowed a time period for grief. After losing a loved one or even a good friend always give yourself a time to assess the situation and feel it out. Be sad, angry, hurt, or whatever. Do not isolate yourself from your feelings.

Cut off what causes pain
This is by far the most difficult part that I have to deal with. After addressing hurtful and stressful situations it is key to remove the stressor. Pain will continue to be present in your life if you continue to allow it to manifest itself. Sometimes, especially with people and relationships, cutting them off is tough. There are emotional attachments and other factors that seem to make the pain harder to deal with. If the relationship or issue harms you and continually keeps you down, DO NOT DEAL WITH IT. Rehashing fights, holding grudges, and staying angry does not remedy the situation and your happiness and solitude will always be distance.

Think happy, be happy
I know this is easier said than done but if you try and keep positive thoughts around you will gradually start to feel great. Leave yourself reminders in your room and bathroom from a role model or someone you look up to. Surround yourself with friends and family that love and care for you. Do whatever is necessary to keep hurt and negativity out.


We all deal with hardships and issues that cause pain, that’s life. The trick to getting past it all is knowing and loving yourself first and being strong enough to get back to the happiness all pretty girls deserve. Take on the world and don’t get overwhelmed.

Peace PrettyGirls,

Candice, CFO of PABPG Inc.




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