Back To School And Off To Work!

It’s that time of year again! Right now, most young people are going back to school and the rest of us… (drum roll) are entering the work force! *SCREAMS*

So whether it’s the first day back in the classroom or your first time in the boardroom, the question always remains the same.


Here are some trends to look out for that are great for school or work:

First are shoes! Let’s go ahead and leave the heels at home because admit it, by the end of the day you’re going to hate your life.

Cute patterned flats are always a fun way to wear flats without feeling like you’re leaving your fashion sense at home with your heels.

Menswear inspired shoes are EVERYTHING this fall! Grab a pair and wear them with ankle cuffed slacks.

Lastly, fall is just around the corner and idk about you, but I NEED these boots!

Back to school kicks


Forever 21 taupe flat

Charlotte russe flat

Charlotte Russe navy sneaker

Charlotte Russe cognac boots

ALDO navy ankle boots

Forever 21 denim flat

ALDO lace up boots
Don’t be afraid to get matchy-matchy this fall! These patterned coordinates are super cute and you can mix and match them with solid pieces you already have. Just keep them office/classroom appropriate!
Matching Floral Separates



Lastly, a MUST-HAVE are tote bags! Yes, you have to carry your books or a bulk lap top around with you, but who says you have to carry a book bag? BORING!
tote me away!

Ecote suede handbag

Oversized tote

ALDO navy purse

Forever 21 handbag

Go ahead ladies, get your shop on!
Oh and like always, ❤ Stay pretty!
Kindra Bailey; CoFounder, COO

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