Social Media Has Ruined Our Generation

Welcome to 2014! This is the year, era, generation and times where hanging out with your friends, family, boo thing or whatever simply means coming together to sit on your phones and really not even acknowledge one another. The days that Albert Einstein feared the most are officially here, people!


Now, don’t get me wrong, I love and am thankful for technology! I think the iPhone is one of the greatest things that was every invented and I check my Instagram every morning when I wake up like its the morning newspaper. BUT I like to think that I still have pretty good social skills whereas I feel like a lot of other people in my generation and the generations after us are losing the ability to truly interact with others. And it’s happening rapidly.

All of my friends are social butterflies for the most part. Some are more of a “people person” than others, but everyone can carry a great conversation and they are fun people to be around. However, there are times that we’re all together and I look up and realize that we’re just sitting there on our phones and over time it has started to bother me more and more.

Plenty of times, my parents and other older people have made comments regarding us “young folks” being on the phone at the dinner table, in the car while you’re riding with other people, watching TV with family and/or friends and any other setting where we choose scrolling through Twitter over enjoying and conversing with the people around us. I use to always have some kind of response for this, but the older I get, I can see and finally understand where the older generations are coming from. Technology has been a drastic improvement to the world, obviously, but it’s taking away our abilities to effectively communicate and express outside of 140 characters.

Technology and social media has changed everything about how we interact with people. Before cell phones, if you were going through something with your significant other, you were forced to pick up the phone or meet in person to actually talk about it. Now, a lot of couples would rather text about serious issues (dumbest thing EVER, but that’s a different blog post for a different day) or turn to social media and tell the internet their problems and all their business (again dumbest thing ever) rather than picking up the phone and working things out. I hear and see so many people my age tweet that they “hate talking on the phone” yet we are the last generation that grew up without all of the distractions that is technology.

I actually love that I came up during a time when you would talk to your middle school crush or your friends on the house phone all night because we didn’t have iPhones or any type of social media to distract us. I love that during the time I was growing up, sleepovers meant playing with Barbie dolls, watching movies, talking about boys and having fun with your friends. I’ve had middle schoolers this year tell me that sleepovers these days means everyone is sitting around on their phones or tablets. BORING!

I could really go on and on about this forever and I may go into more details on a future post but my main point is enjoy the company of those in your presence. Everything that’s happening on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine and all other social media platform will always be there. Cherish the moments you have with your friends and family. Talk. Spend time together. Discuss dreams, ideas and your future. Laugh. And just simply, socialize! Social media has become an important factor in our lives but don’t let it become your life. The people in your real world deserve more time and attention than those in your virtual one.

-Jessica, Founder of PABPG Inc.

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