YOU Are Your Brand

I know we are all at the stage in life where we are searching for jobs and trying to make a name for ourselves. Making ourselves known and marketing ourselves is key in today’s society. This is better known as branding yourself. A brand is a trademark or distinctive name identifying a product or manufacturer (think MAC or Coach handbags). That makes YOU the product and you have to sell yourself in the best way possible. Always present yourself well because perception IS reality. Control all aspects of you that you can control: appearance, behavior, attitude, etc. Doing all these things will be sure ways for you to become a recognizable brand and land a job or dream that you’re aspiring to get!

Personal-Branding-BrandThings to keep in mind:

  • Perception is comprised of 3 elements: visual, verbal, and behavioral outputs.
  • Once a perception is formed, it becomes a part of your reputation. Your reputation is crucial to building your brand.
  • You are in control of your brand and how you market yourself.
  • Guard your brand faithfully because you are the only you there is. Be sure to be the best you!

With all these tips and a lot of confidence, you are sure to sell yourself to an interviewer for an internship, job, or anything other avenue you’re interested in. Always keep your faith and stay true to yourself. Everything will then fall into place!

-Candice, CFO of PABPG Inc.

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