Top 3 Organic Oils For Healthy Hair


When trying to grow healthy hair, moisture and strength are the two most important factors! If you think your hair isn’t growing, it is! The important part is maintaining the length that your hair naturally grows over the years. Dry hair becomes brittle and breaks while hair without enough protein won’t be strong enough to endure the everyday stress put on our tresses. So here are three of the best oils for reaching your hair goals! They should all be organic and unrefined for best results.


Olive oil has a lightweight nature that makes it easy to penetrate your damaged or healthy strands. It is rich in and antioxidants and vitamin E which promotes hair growth, and the fatty acids will coat the hair shaft, making for a great heat protector! Best of all, olive oil is relatively cheap and has multiple purposes, so its benefits can range from your hair to the kitchen.


Coconut oil is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a great deep conditioner that will leave your hair feeling super soft and moisturized. It’s also super slippery which makes an ideal detangler, and it is highly effective in reducing protein loss which, will will encourage hair retention and make your more elastic. A weekly 30 min deep conditioning treatment with coconut oil can reverse damage and promote growth.


Avocado oil is a natural sunscreen for your hair! When thinking about heat damage, we most often forget about the damage that UV rays can create overtime. It also contains proteins and amino acids which will ensure strong hair and prevent hair from being over moisturized. (Yes, there is such a thing as too much moisture!)

So have your pick and figure out which essential oil is best for you. I use all three and have seen great results and length retention!

What are you favorite deep conditioning oils, PrettyGirls?

— Kindra Bailey; CoFounder, COO

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