A Brief Crash Course in Perfecting Your “Everyday” Make-Up Look

So often, I have women comment on how much they love my makeup and what I’m wearing! I’m the “MUA” (make-up artist) out of my group of friends and whenever we’re all about to go out, I’m the one they come to for their makeup needs.snapchatmua

Over these last few months, I’ve worn makeup a lot less (most of that is due to being a senior in college and I don’t have time to apply makeup everyday), but on those days I do decide to get fancy, the look shown above is my everyday go to look! You can even spice it up to turn it into a nighttime look as well! I’ll explain both below.maceedit4

I’m no type of MUA…yet! But, I always begin my eyes by applying MAC’s Amber Lights as my base coat. I love gold on my skin tone and I’ve never seen this eyeshadow look bad on anyone! I always use and tell my friends that you won’t to begin with a neutral base coat, something that compliments your skin! I definitely recommend this or a similar color especially if your skin tone is close to mine! Apply this eyeshadow evenly across your eyelid.browneyeshadowMAC_Honesty_Review_Isimplylovemakeup5

Next I move to the crease of my eye where I like to apply a darker color. In the past, I applied a chocolate brown to my crease and around the outside of my eye for my everyday look and this is def a good choice and any brown eyeshadow will do! I’ve also started to use Honesty by MAC in my crease and around the outside as well.mac_angelflamequad007

For the inside of my eye, I like to use a brighter color and something that goes with everything. Feather Pink by MAC is perfect for this! Take a small bristle make up brush and apply just into the corner of your eyelid and be sure to blend your entire eye! Now the hard part is done. macconcealer

If you’re looking for a perfect concealer to give you that “fresh, awake” look, you must try this Pro Concealer by MAC. It is $19 for a tube but I promise, a little goes a long way! I apply it just below my eyes and spread/even it out to my hairline. It’s water and sweat proof, doesn’t cake and seriously lasts all day. A must have!rimmelgelliner

Next, is the eyeliner. I’m familiar with all types but my fave type of eyeliner is gel! I use almost any brand and right now I’m trying out Rimmel London’s gel eyeliner. Use the brush to apply a thin line on your lower and upper last line. Remember eyeliner, is just suppose to LINE your eyes! Don’t make your lines too thick especially for your daytime look.Maybelline-Great-Lash-Mascara-432

As far as mascara goes, you can’t go wrong with Great Lash by Maybelline! Apply desired coats and there you go! Your eyes are done.

You can choose to stop here on my makeup look and just apply a simple gloss to your lips or you can go with the lipstick look as well!macfilmnoir

I own a good amount of lipsticks and each of them are a key and signature color that every good makeup kit needs. Dark lips are trending now and I decided I needed to add a dark lipstick to my collection so I tried Film Noir by MAC and I absolutely love it! This gorgeous color can be worn during the day (especially on my darker skinned girls) and of course as an evening/night lip!plumlipgloss

I’m a fan of “glossy” lipsticks so I always apply a clear gloss whenever I wear lipstick. For this lip color I also recommend a berry colored lipgloss! The two colors blend perfectly.macgravel

You can easily make this look nighttime appropriate by applying MAC’s Gravel to the outside of your eye for a smoky eye look! The more of this color you apply, the more intense it’ll look!

So there you have it. That’s my go to look on those days I actually have time to put on makeup. It’s super easy to do and is very versatile! You can test it out with different lip colors, variation of eyeshadows and even try blush!

Hope this was helpful! Good luck PrettyGirls!


Jessica, Founder and CEO of PABPG Inc.

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