Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them? But really?

Not everyone you lose is a loss. As sucky as it may be to accept, sometimes we just outgrow people. Life is all about progression. Each day you should try to be better than the last. My grandfather used to always say, “if you show me your friends, I can tell you your future.” He’s right! Whatever and whoever it is that you are constantly around is what you will eventually become.


I don’t have many friends and I’m totally ok with that. Over the years I have become aquatinted with and gotten to know many people, but I still can’t call most of them a friend. A friend is a person who holds you accountable for your flaws, helps you progress, pushes you or helps you pursue your dreams, and even celebrates victories. People can put up a front and misguide you but their true intentions will eventually show.

Discernment is key when choosing friends. I’ve been burned by many relationships and most of time the signs were there. Eventually how a person treats others is how they will treat you. People will always show you who they are and when they do, believe them. Some people aren’t loyal, and no matter how loyal you are to them it will never be returned. Other people are just flat out messy and you have to realize that’s not your mess to clean up. Some people just can’t be good friends, and that’s fine. You have to learn how to move on from situations and people peacefully. The path you’re destined for isn’t made for everyone, but growth is necessary for progression. Your friends should hold you accountable for the decisions you make, not help you make excuses for your mistakes. You have to make conscious decisions to surround yourself with people who push you further into the path of success, not dream & self-esteem killers.


You have to allow yourself to let go peacefully. No anger, hard feelings, or hurt. Just peace, the lessons you learned and good memories. Certain people are in your life for just a season, and when that season is up you have to let them go. Holding on to a seasonal person isn’t good for you or them. You have to be extremely careful of who you allow to partake in your development or life in general. Not everyone has your best interest of success. Certain “friends” are glad to be your friend as long as they are doing better than you, but the moment you start doing better than them they aren’t feeling the friendship anymore. Misery loves company and certain people may want you around to feel good about their misery or situation.

You have to surround yourself with positive people who are working towards progression and people who may even be where you want to be just so you have a constant reminder of the goal you want to achieve. Be vigilant in who you intrust your loyalty to because everyone is worthy of something so precious. Learn to be alone and enjoy it. By learning yourself you will learn what it is you need from others, whether it be encouragement, an ear to listen, or just good company. The only reason a person can take you for granted is because they think you’ll always be there. Prove them wrong! Take time to evaluate your friendships. People can either take you up or down so choose your circle wisely!

Denee’; VP of PABPG Inc.

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