Life is All About Relationships


In all of our lives, relationships and the people we interact with are very important and influential. Your family and friends make you who you are and shape many aspects of your life. It is imperative to make sure that your friendships and relationships are healthy. Here are some key points to having and keeping your friendships and relationships thriving:

1. Communicate-Make sure you and your friend/significant other have an open line of communication. Talk consistently however you both see fit. Communicate EFFECTIVELY. Communication is crucial and will allow your interaction to be easy and effortless.

2. Be honest-No friendship or relationship will succeed without honesty. Do not tell lies, be sneaky, or hide from your friend/significant other. These are not healthy actions and they will make your relationship hard and stressful.

3. Give space-As much as we love and care about our friends/significant othrrs, there are times where space is necessary. Everyone needs ‘me time’ and time for personal growth and reflection. After spending some time apart the time together feels that much better.

4. Know each other’s limits-As you feel out and learn your friends/significant others you will be knowledgeable about their limits and weaknesses. Once you learn them be conscious of how those things fit into your relationships respectively. Be aware of what can potentially hurt or harm someone helps create boundaries and limits that don’t need to be crossed.

Using the helpful tips can create a healthly friendship or relationship. It can also fix them if they are in a rough patch. Keep these things in mind when living your day-to-day lives. Have a happy hump day and stay pretty!

-Candice, CFO of PABPG Inc.

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