Life And Death Is In The Power Of The Tongue

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have a Christian mother/father/granny or whomever, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “life and death is in the power of the tongue”. If not, then you’re at least familiar with “you have what you say” or “speaking it into existence”. All of these phrases are much more than cliches and they’re absolutely true! I’m a firm believer that we create our own realities by what we put our focus into and ultimately, the words that come out of our mouths.


Whether or not we’re conscious of it, we always end up paying for our words. Take it from the example of Donald Sterling, former Clippers owner, who paid for his words with the steep price of his career.

Your words can either come back to haunt you, or with a little bit of action, they can create a future for you that you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to be a home owner, say it everyday. If you’re struggling in school, begin to say that you are a great student; and of course, you have to believe it!


I can recall back to my sophomore year of high school when a lot of my school’s athletes were getting injured and having to use crutches. As a joke to my friends I said, “Man everybody is on crutches, this isn’t fair. I want crutches too!” It was only a matter of days before I severely sprained my ankle and found myself on crutches for weeks.

Though my example may sound like merely a coincidence, think about the things you are focusing on and reciting everyday. Do you call yourself stupid when you make a mistake? Do you jokingly call yourself broke or say that you never have any money? Have you doomed yourself to being “forever alone” and unlucky in romantic relationships? All of these things are important to think about because what we dwell on will become our reality!


So focus on your future successes, long life, and healthy relationships! We get out of this universe exactly what it is that we put into it, so release positive things. Life and death is truly in the power of the tongue. Choose life!


Stay pretty ❤

— Kindra Mone’, Co Founder of PABPG

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