The Smartest Men on Earth

Hello good morning, and happy Spring to everyone reading!!


 Usually I would try to find a monetary topic to discuss but let’s skip that this week. I want to talk about relationships but specifically father-daughter relationships. The relationship between a woman and her family is extremely important and today I want to focus on the fathers and father figures. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday. The man I call dad is actually my stepfather. When my mom and biological father split, he met my mother and started helping the both of us ever since. He is the only dad I’ve ever known. I thank God and am so appreciative that my dad decided to take the time to love, care, and nurture me like he did. The relationship between a father and daughter is so important because he is the first man a young woman interacts with. My dad always told me, “Surround yourself with young men that remind you of me.” That’s the smartest advice I’ve ever received. No matter if a young man is a friend or someone you would like to pursue, make sure he has couple good qualities reminiscent of your father/father figure. He should respect you, be honest, and value your opinion just like your father. If your dad approves, so should you!! I know this sounds cheesy but seriously….your father’s opinion should definitely matter especially when making choices about the opposite sex. Have a good Tuesday and rest of the week!

-Candice, CFO of PABPG Inc.

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