Fab Beauty Finds For The Low– And We Mean LOW

What girl doesn’t love a new beauty product? The only thing standing between most of us and a stacked beauty closet is our pockets! Wonderful brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown, and Dior to name a few have great reputations when it comes to their products, but their prices?…uh not so much. Here are some inexpensive beauty products that are out there and there’s so much more! Not only are they cheap, but they’re actually quality products that will make you LOOK like a million bucks without spending it.


Brushes are a key part of applying makeup but at places like Sephora, you’ll find yourself paying a bundle for these little tools. Forever 21 has brushes that have fun, cute designs but will also do the job of giving you flawless makeup application.

ELF Cosmetics has an entire line that’s almost too cheap to be true. These products give you department store looks with dollar store prices. A good, cream or gel eyeliner is always a good investment. The deep pigments will make your eyes pop like never before and the brush gives you total control on how heavy (or light) you want your look.

Covergirl’s Lip Perfection Lip Color comes in so many amazing shades and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find such great quality in drugstore makeup. The creamy color goes on smooth and the bold shades will keep your pout popping all day long.

A personal favorite of mine is Organix argon oil conditioner. The entire haircare line is made of natural ingredients and they have a clean, fresh scent to them. Not only are they cheap but they will leave your hair feeling just as soft and healthy as any salon product. I swear by it!

So quit breaking the bank for beauty products or thinking they’re out of your price league. Quality, inexpensive products are out there! You just need to know where to look and PABPG, Inc. has got your back.

–Kindra Mone’; Cofounder PABPG Inc.,

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