PrettyGirl Prom

Last week Kindra and I went venue browsing for a space to have one of our summer events. We checked out this one spot located in downtown Columbia where we met with the event planner for this particular place. Not only did we fall in love with this venue but this wonderful event planner also donated 3 brand new, unworn prom dresses to us that were purchased from Bella Vista!

If you or anyone else you know needs a prom dress, let us know via commenting on this blog, Twitter (@peekabooprettyg), Instagram (@peekabooprettygirl) or Facebook (@Peekaboo Prettygirl)! The three dresses are shown below 🙂


bellavista1bellavista3Also if you have any dresses that you’re looking to get off your hands, we would be happy to take those as well! Have a happy Monday and stay pretty!

Xoxo Jessica, Founder of PABPG

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