What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas


With spring break and summer quickly approaching Vegas won’t be the only city keeping secrets. At the age of 20 and a junior in college I am still a virgin. And no not the today typical ” born again” type virgin (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but a person who, in all forms, with-stained form sex. Now this was definitely a personal choice and I have no issues with people who chose not to, but with STDs , teenage/pre-marital pregnancy running ramped it’s just something that was instilled at a age that stuck with me.

As a college peer mentor, a RA, and a high-school student counselor there are many situations I see take place that could have easily been avoided if we, as woman, would simply withhold ourselves or better yet be smart about sex. Sex is a topic that’s consistently growing in our modern day culture. It’s seen and practiced at much younger ages now than ever before. With teenaged pregnancy, STDs, and  AIDs more prevalent now, the knowledge of safe sex is not only important but imperative for our generation.The safest sex is no sex, but if you do choose to participate in sexual intercourse know who you’re dealing with. It’s important to not only know your status but your partner(s) as well.


I’ve seen all too many times a woman giving herself to a man and he gives her noting but bad things in return. Protect yourself, and not just in the sense of sexually. Protect your mind and protect your heart. Women are strong beings. Some of us stronger than others but at each core there is emotion. And at times the things we do or reactions we have are emotionally fueled but by protecting your mind and heart you’re less prone to being consistently hurt. Learn the outs and ends of all types of protection as well as contraceptives. Knowing what works well with your body is always important.

As a woman knowing your body should always be a priority. By being familiar with yourself you will  be the first to notice any type of change in yourself. Only one of these ways are foolproof, but in a society centered around the phrase “sex sells,” the abstinence option is rare. All I ask is that in any decision you educate yourself on all the pros and cons of it and before making any serious decision you allow yourself to be fueled by ration.

Stay pretty! And Smart!

-Denee, VP of PABPG

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