PeekABoo PrettyGirl Wants You To Love Yourself First!

Many women (and even men) find themselves feeling down after Valentine’s Day. Watching other couples in love can have you questioning where your own special someone is, or if something is wrong with you. But if looking at love makes you feel bad about yourself, then STOP THERE:


PeekABoo PrettyGirl is all about empowering individuals to love themselves and find confidence in who they are. There’s nothing more beautiful than a woman that can hold her head high, and we aim to see that beauty in every girl or woman that we encounter. If you believe that you are loving yourself, but self comparisons have you down, then we promise you’re not doing it right!

Happiness– Who Do You Get There?


1. The first step to achieving happiness is having confidence in yourself and your abilities! But what does this look like? You will never find a chef presenting his newest meal creation by saying “I think its kind of good” or “I don’t really like it, but I hope you do”, that would never work! Self-confidence operates the same way! How can you ask someone to view you as beautiful if you only see yourself as mediocre? If you don’t enjoy spending time with yourself then why should anyone waste their own time? You have to be willing to first give yourself what you would like to receive from others, and most importantly, you have to believe you deserve it!

2. Stop Looking Around

Enough with the self comparisons! Everyone is on his or her own journey in life, and it looks different to all of us. You should never gauge your happiness by what another is doing. Comparing how you look, what you have, or where you are to others will only lead to disappointed feelings. We must all learn to celebrate the differences between us, and congratulate a neighbor when their doing well! Strive to be the best YOU that you can be, and what others are doing will suddenly become much less important.


If you have been struggling with your confidence or self-esteem, you may not be able to change these feelings overnight– and that’s okay! Wether you need to post encouraging notes to your mirror or recite positive thoughts in your head, practice building yourself up everyday. Give yourself the compliments you wish to hear and BELIEVE THEM! Remember, it’s not about selling yourself. It’s about being so full of WHO YOU ARE that it spills out onto everyone around you. They won’t be able to help but notice!

 So love your PrettyGirl self. It all starts with you!

–Kindra Bailey, CoFounder of PeekABoo Prettygirl Inc.

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